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Default Re: 1. Oden 2. Durant 3. Horford 4. Conley 5....

3) It seems pretty obvious the Hawks will take Horford or Conley; Horford having the edge from rumors.

4) I think the Grizz would be silly to pass on Conley since they have no point guard, unless they want to persue Earl Boykins, though he is more of a shooter.

5) I think this pick will belong to someone else come Thursday night since Paul Pierce apparently wants a veteran. This could be anyone from Odom to Marion to J. O'Neal. IF they do keep it, Yi seems to be the best solution in Boston. I think the Celts are looking for immediate results but they should be patient. Pierce isn't getting younger but he has a few more years in the tank. Jefferson is a beast and will become a very quality PF. Rondo could turn into a good PG and Szczerbiak to fill out the roster ... if they add Yi at center.

6) I agree Minnesota needs a SF, it's just too bad Brewer is a SG (not saying he can't play SF, it's just not his posistion). I think Green is the best fit. I also think Green is more ready to play in the NBA than anyone in the draft (including Oden and Durant - don't ask why, it'd be even longer than this post).

7) Whether or not Garnett leaves, the T-Wolves need big men. At this point (in my draft at least) that comes down to B. Wright, Noah and Hawes. I think Hawes will be a NBA dud; not athletic and not extra big or strong. Noah is just over-rated. Anyways, I think Brandan Wright goes here. He is long, athletic and will be more effective his first year than people think. I saw him a lot at UNC and the guy can play ... and run ... and score.

8) If Brewer is available, he'll be the pick. It all depends on who is left but it could be Brewer, B. Wright, Noah, or Thorton. But ya, Brewer if he is available.

9) The Bulls will take whatever big is left, probably Noah, Hawes if he's not there.

10) They will take whoever is left. I've seen mocks dropping just about anyone I've mentioned besides Oden, Durant, Yi, Horford, and Brewer slipping this far. Seattle has the easiest job in the draft this year and Sacremento has the 2nd easiest.

Whew, I'm done.
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