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Default Re: Calling out Glove_20

Originally Posted by Glove_20
Yeah, and don't listen to these other posters about their opinion about me. You probably already know I'm a cocky poster, and many don't like that attitude. The goal against a cocky poster is to undermine him every chance you get. That's what they are trying to do right now. Try to do anything they can to make me look bad to other and myself.

You're a pretty good poster though. I like that you were interested in knowing the answer. Learn from that logic/reason/math and get it in your head. Things like that will pop up again in other forms, most your peers will have no idea how to think it through.

yah thanks, yah most of the guys i chill with and go to school with are always stoned so if i asked them something like that i would get alot of blank stares
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