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Default Re: Point Guard?!?!

Kidd has some pros and cons as a pick up but I don't see any point that can stand out justify getting him over Felton or Sessions.

All 3 of those point guards are veterans. Sure Kidd has done more with his career but does that extra expierience make up for what he can do now in his career? I dont think it does.

The fact is Sessions or Felton could come in here and have more of an impact on the court....which is still the important part....while also having been around the league long enough to help out Lin. If not with experience then with competition. Felton and especially Sessions would compete for that starting job. Lin would really have to work hard to always be at his best. It would have brought more out of him.

At the end of the day....this is not the right move. Its an upgrade over last year as far as back-up PGs go....but we could have upgraded in better ways.
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