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Default Re: Review Atlanta - Indiana game.

boy, am i glad i missed this game! we lost to the hawks? geez, but i can't say i'm surprised. we have that intangibility to beat great teams and lose to crappy teams.

if granger was handchecking johnson all night, that pretty much means he knows he couldn't keep up w/ him speed-wise. i don't really think danny is a playmaker type of player yet. he mostly takes set shots from the perimeter and i don't think he ever really takes anyone off the dribble.

tinsley is notorious for being a chucker. i complain about this all the time! he needs to make the extra pass, just like they tell u from middle school basketball on up. it's a fundamental part of an active and productive offense and he just doesn't do it. i feel he doesn't have faith in his teammates' shooting when he should feel the same way about himself. he's more productive staying in the spot he is intended for, running the plays, passing the ball, and slashing to the basket.

i have no clue what happened to dunleavy. he was on a streak. was.

i don't really have a comment for murphy. he's a near 7' shooting center w/ hardly any defensive skills and is hardly worth the $ he's recieving. he would probably be a superstar overseas but not here. he was the part of the IND/GS that made me sick.

ike has been out of it for a while. i hear that it takes some time to get back into the swing of the speed of the game and i'm starting to believe it.

rush isn't a reliable shooter. he's not the answer that we were looking for when the season started. he's a decent player, but not the dominate scorer that we desperately need.

i agree, miller time. we need a scorer who has the ability to draw defenders off of other players to allow them to get freed up, such as o'neal around the basket. we either need to pray that we get a good pick or trade up somehow soon.

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