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Default Andre Bargnani's past month

13 games.
.493 fg
.857 ft
2.3 3pts
14.3 pts/game
3.8 reb
1.1 ast
0.4 stl
0.5 blk
1.8 to

Obviously his rebounding needs work, but he has shown he knows how to, averaging over 6 for the last 5 games. He grabbed 11 rebounds a few games ago.

Also he's hit 27/53 3pt shots over his last 9. Or 27 of 55 over his last ten if you want to round it off. That's just over .500%. Very nice shooting. The 11 rebound game was a game where he only attempted 1 3pt shot, so it's all about how he's being used.

He also had a few stretches this season where he blocked quite a few shots ( even 6 in one game), so it seems he can do that too.

I must admit I havent seen him play a lot, but if I look at his numbers, can only say that he's turning out to be a very special player. What's the verdict so far?
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