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Default Re: Your 2009-10 Milwaukee Bucks team

Good Season = Resigning Charlie V and Sessions. Signing Ilyasova. Drafting a quality forward or Shooting Guard.

Questionable Season = Resigning either Charlie V or Sessions. Drafting PG or PF depending on who they resign.

Bad Season = Don't resign either Charlie V or Sessions. Draft PG in first round, PF in second round. Start from scratch...bleh. Here we go again.

My ideal lineup...

Mbah a Moute/Ilyasova/Alexander
Villanueva/Johnson/second round pick (Jeff Adrien? Josh Heytvelt?)
Redd/first round pick (DeRozan? T. Williams?)

Luc Richard, Charlie V, and a second round pick could interchange 3 and 4 positions.

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