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Default observations of a sixer fan

i remember thinking are we only 4 wins better than the knicks when they were 14w and we were at 18w. well it's been a five game win streak and hell we are one game off eigth seed?

the eastren conf. is bad i know.

we can't shoot the three pointer nor can we defend it . with the korver deal it was expected but we have improved slightly over the streak.
reggie evans hits the bench thad starts we our way to 7-2.
andre miller is having a great season his best since he led the league in ast. with cleveland. andre iggy is playing ok but if he wants max money in the off season do we sign and trade his arse?

sammy d is killin em with kindness. mark cuban loves him. this is consistency i swore was not possible its like super dalembert.

louis williams does not start....... to be continued.

jason smith reminds me of the iverson trade not much else.

carney is alive. korvers trade made him realize he plays for the 76ers with all this extra pt.

we're killin the other teams with the fastbreak , imagine us with dj augistine.

twenty odd games left ....a possible playoff push......last few days of a trade deadline.
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