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Default Re: NFL Playoffs GT: Conference Finals

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green

Don't you get tired of being stupid? Reading your post is like watching a Five Percenter try to analyze football. I'm not basing my opinion on race. Unlike you, I base my opinion on what works. That's why I asked how many of the last 50 SB winners didn't have a pocket passer at QB? You are trying to disregard what we've learned from the entire history of football because a mixed-race QB that himself would not be effective i he couldn't pass from the pocket is making a Superowl. Get over your stupid racist agenda and realize that the most important ability for a quarterback is the ability to pass.
I don't know if you are just threatened, ignorant, or perhaps a mix of the two. But you need to free your perception from the incarceration of bias commentary. Nothing about the position of qb dictates that passing from the pocket is the most important ability. It's the ability to make plays and you can do that in a variety of ways.

The fact you use historical evidence to support your view just highlights ur ignorance. Sports history is tainted by prejudice where the best player were often not given the chance to play due to the exact presumptions that you have dismissed as nonexistent.
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