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Default Re: Just a thought about "Tanking"....

I agree that we shouldn't be trying to lose, like to deliberately lose games that are there for the taking. You've gotta get some wins to improve the confidence of Derozan and Davis, and to bring attention to the quality play of Bargnani and Calderon on the trade market.

But let's not kid ourselves, even in the weak ass East, this Raptor's team will lose a lot of games and most likely get a top 10 pick. But there are different kinds of bad. There's the kind of bad where it's still fun to watch some young kids play hard, where you can tell they're trying to win, where they sometimes pull off an upset. And then there's bad like the Clippers were for two decades (horribly mismanaged). There's bad like the Nets have been even with Devin Harris and Deron Williams respectively, like Cleveland last year. Where it's just depressing and pathetic and hopeless. There's bad where people question why you're even in the league, why they bother having a team in Canada, where good young players want out as soon as possible.

Let's make a good pick in the lottery this year, but there's no need to tell Casey to lose during his first year on the job so that we can get Anthony Davis. If he turns out to be a superstar, well shit, but I doubt he will.
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