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Originally Posted by Shogon
Versus Joe Schome, you're right. I'd take LeBron.

But when the spotlight is on or the games mean something, McGrady comes with his best. And his best is better than Bron's best.

That's obviously a fault of McGrady's. But that doesn't change the fact that McGrady is a bigger talent. During the playoffs(don't go there with the McGrady hasn't been out of the first round crap), international competition, All-Star games, & high profile matchups, I'd take McGrady 10 times out of 10.

Your delusional. And to be a prick I'm gonna say this about Tmac. "If healthy" is the same thing as Grant Hill being labeled as "If healthy". The odds arent in your favor for that to happen thus more reason why Bron is better and would be the better choice at SF. Didnt wanna go there because i feel even if healthy Bron is better. (Not by a large margin either). But just sayin.
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