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Post Your Summer League Analysis

I'll start:

Aaron Miles is my MVP after three games so far. First game he put up 19/3/5 (points, rebounds, assists) while shooting 4-5 and hit all 11 free throws. Second game was almost a mirror, with 18/3/5 on 5-11 shooting and 8 of 9 free throws. In game 3, he got 15/2/8 on 4-10 shooting and hit all 7 free throws. The even better part: 3 turnovers in 3 the starting point guard. He is also playing almost 26 minutes/game. If he keeps this up, we may have to do some shuffling to get him on the roster.

Tyrus Thomas is playing fairly well, considering all the bashing people have done to him. Game one wasn't so hot, getting 10/4/2 with 3-9 shooting and 4-5 from the charity stripe. Also had 5 fouls and 6 turnovers. He turned that around with a great performance in game two, with 17/11/2 on 8-13 shooting and 1-4 on free throws, and he also blocked two shots. Again, he had 5 fouls. Game three had even better stats, 19/12/2, but his shooting was horrible - 4-17 from the field and 11-17 from the line. He cut the fouls down to 2 for this game though, so that's a positive, and he's playing a shade over 29 minutes/game.

Thabo Sefolosha tore it up in game one, with 16/4/3 on 6-8 shooting and 3-5 from the stripe. He also had 4 steals and hit a 3-pointer. In game two he had 16/4/1 on 5-8 shooting and 6-8 from the line, and had 3 more steals and a blocked shot. I'm not quite sure why he didn't play in game three, but there is a reason somewhere. He played 30.5 minutes/game over the first two.

No one else has really stood out. I like Luke Schenscher, but he disappeared from the first game, and wasn't much of a factor in the next two.

Eddie Basden, who is fighting for a roster spot, also hasn't done a lot to impress anyone. He scored 11 points in game two, but hasn't done anything significant other than that.

Drago Pasalic, some tall Euro guy I've never heard of before camp, is the biggest surprise. The first game he played decently enough to earn some PT in the next game, where he promptly went 0-9. The coaches stuck with him, though, and he rebounded for a 17-point performance yesterday on 7-9 shooting, and he even hit two threes. Pretty good for a 6-11 forward playing center whenever Schenscher isn't in. He seems to be foul prone though, averaging 6 fouls/game (maybe he is Tyson reincarnate with the outside shot he was advertised to have coming out of high school).

Cedric Banks had a strong showing in the first game, with 17/3/1 on 5-9 shooting, 2-4 from downtown, and 5-6 from the line. He had zeros across the stat sheet the next game, with two non-zero numbers showing up in shots attempted (4) and fouls (3). He then turned in a Duhon-esque performance in the third game with 7/3/5.

Just wanna throw out Chevy Troutman's name because I saw him play a little while he was at Pitt, and because he's got a sweet first name. Don't let the 2 DNP's fool you, he has HOF written all over him (yeah right).

I don't think there is anyone else that deserves to be recognized in this post, but if I skipped anyone, let me know.

I also heard that Ellis Myles of Louisville was supposed to be on the roster, but he hasn't been mentioned in any of the box scores, so I'm not sure what happened there. He's just another big body, but we could use some of those. Has anyone heard anything about him?
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