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Old 12-25-2012, 09:58 AM   #61
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Default Re: The Warriors won't make the playoffs and how will the fans react?

Originally Posted by SacJB Shady
Mark Jackson guarantees the playoffs
But each year we're still sitting in the same spot
We can't even make the 8th slot
Blame the owners for formulating that lame plot
End result is broken ankles and playing soft
I'm as keen ez can,
You can blame the Golden State Warriors for losing so Eazily
They win so meagerly, haven't had all star since Spree For Three
They can't achieve, And you're still sittin there saying We Believe
This is like Dejavu, losing so repeatedly, like festus ezeli, Repeat after me
they three for three
in not making all stars in Monta, Baron, David Lee
Accept defeat and mediocrity, They're not replete they stink, don't ya think
The teams failed totally, always you say there's no quitting on them dubs
Lets get real Homie G, always seems The Warriors are epitome of scrubs

You guys are killing me
I need my meds I need some tranquility
Warriors are a mess the franchise has no stability
DL stands for defensive liability
David Lee you have no agility
You get punked on by Kenneth Faried
It's a mess to see him vs u a menacing recipe
and secondly You play so soft and make me go on my Zoloft
but your girls a catch like a gold ball, so go long
Tell her I'm so strong, you can go lost
You just make us so pissed off and thats why
they think you no better than Chris Bosh
And we flip flop and think you better
go back to the Knicks, haw!
80 Million was a rip off!!!

Andrew Boguts foot still hurts he says he can barely walk or jog
Yo my friend burned his bobble head in the scary parkin lot
He said it's game on Bogut I'm getting my blade saw
He took that thing apart and took Bogut's waste off
Then took his face off and got insane dog
Threw it North of Oracle like it was a baseball
Then chased it down and lit it on fire
Bogut you said you're ankle was better, You're a liar
And so I'm getting you shredded, I rather have Dominic Mcquire
I lost my girfriend because of you and I feel rebellious
Because of you also gone is my idol Monta Ellis
Get out of here Bogut! I wanted to tell u this and don't be jealous
But you stink and don't think that I don't see you jinxing this team
You are really helpless and boom now you're meltin... bitch!!

David Lee's a double double machine and won't make the all star game
Chris Bosh is 15 and 8 guy has a better chance making the hall of fame
They rather see Blake Griffin squeeze them monster jams
They rather see Jeremy Lin please them fobster fans
The Warriors are not makin the playoffs, they are ways off
I'm about to lay off, the team has only made the playoffs once
In the last 18 years, Ezili can't catch and Draymond sucks
They don't have a saving chance I'm waving my hands
in the air, the team acts like they don't care
they lose to Sac, Orlando, and LA they lose like this any day
Klay Thompson shoots nothing but threes at our expense
cuz of that they blow 14 point leads mise well put in Biedrenz
At least he can play defense his shot blocking is immense
The warriors are going down to the ground
I'll end this rap with a frown

Did we just brought out ol' Shady?
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Default Re: The Warriors won't make the playoffs and how will the fans react?

Originally Posted by JerryWest
I won't even read this because I know it's already ****ing good

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Old 12-25-2012, 01:51 PM   #63
SacJB Shady
College star
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Default Re: The Warriors won't make the playoffs and how will the fans react?

Originally Posted by DMV2

Did we just brought out ol' Shady?

Ol Shady is coming back! Watch ''C'mon Let Me ride''
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