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Default If this situation happens, what do we do

Because Corey Maggette is the #1 option, he has a huge season putting up similar to 25/7/4, good field goal percentage, regardless how well the Clippers do.

The off-season comes. What do we do?

- Do we extend his contract?
- Do we sign him to a contract if he opts out, even if it does mean throwing 8-10 million dollars a year at him?
- Do we sign-and-trade him?

What should we do?

Here's what I think we should do. If Maggette puts up big numbers and the team has a good season and makes the playoffs, regardless how well the Clippers do in the playoffs, I say do whatever to keep Maggette.

If the team stinks it up and the team drafts Rose or Mayo, I say trade Maggette unless Maggs is willing to step down from the #1 option and be more of a role player(that starts ofcourse). If the team gets screwed over in the lottery and they have to draft someone like Nic Batum, Chase budinger, or Darren Collison, I say keep Maggette.
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very nice
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Default Re: If this situation happens, what do we do

Do we sign him to a contract if he opts out, even if it does mean throwing 8-10 million dollars a year at him?
If he has that kind of season, it's gonna cost WAY more than that to keep him. That's a much better season than Shard Lewis has ever had, and they're the same age.

If Maggette is having that kind of season, you should shop him around before the trade deadline and see if you can use him to dump the contract of Mobley and/or Tim Thomas and get back expiring contracts and young talent/picks.

[sorry, don't want to hijack the thread, ignore the following and just read the Maggette related parts if you're an overly sensitive LAC fan] With Brand out, I think you've got to pretty much give up on the playoffs. Just too many top teams locked in to the playoffs (Spurs, Suns, Mavs, Jazz, Rockets, Nuggets), and 3-4 teams likely to be better than your injury depleted club competing for the remaining 2 spots (Lakers, Hornets, Warriors, Grizz). All the remaining teams in the west also have a comparable talent level. The only time you guys made the playoffs was when Brand had a career year, scoring about 5 ppg above his normal level, and now he won't be playing at all (at least for the first half or so). You seem doomed to be this years Memphis
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Dunking on everybody in the park
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Question Re: If this situation happens, what do we do

Bringing Maggette is OK but I want to upgrade the team and add
a superstar who with EB can have us contending and jumping
to the next level. Agent 0 is my first choice in the FA market.
Also, the draft will determine where we stand along with the
play of Al Thornton.

I hope we are in the situation where we have a top 3 pick,
a healthy Livingston and EB for 2008, and Agent 0
opting out of his Wiz contract after one last run in with Eddie Jordan.
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King Heno
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Default Re: If this situation happens, what do we do

I can see us keeping him around if we don't deal him by the deadline, but we will be facing a lot of cap problems if we do keep him. Keep in mind, we still have to extend Elton, might extend Livingston and what not. Let's say we give Maggette a contract starting next season at $8.5 mil, and Livingston gets $3.5 mil or so. On top of that, let's say we get Elton to start at $14 mil. That, added to Kaman and his 9.5 mil, Mobley's 9.1 mil, Thomas 6.1 mil, Knights 2 mil and Thorntons 1.8 mil. With those 8, we would have 54.5 million locked in as is, with Jordan and/or Diaz most likely extended, Powell and Davis might be kept around, not to mention our draft pick[s] and maybe Sofo coming over. This past season, the cap was 55.63 mil, so next year, it should be around 57.5, and with needing to fill out the rest of our roster, we might end up in luxury tax territory.

Maggette will ask for more then 8.5 mil tho if you ask me with what Gerald Wallace and Rashard Lewis got.
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