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Default Danumber88 Raptors Players Analysis

I decided to make an analysis throughout the first game back in Oct 31, until now. I'll go player by player

Chris Bosh
- Started out MVP-like and helped the Raptors 3-0 start. Averaged 26.8 ppg, 11rpb earlier this season. As the season progressed, Sam was fired. The tanking minutes back in Sam's days are coming back to haunt Bosh. He looks exhausted back when Triano was the coach earlier. Now he is picking it up to the pace but has shown little performance lately throughout the last quarters. Taking it all in, he is still our best player and our go to guy. His stats are a bit lower now from his hot start, it may be Triano's new system.

Jose Calderon
- Biggest question when TJ Ford got traded. Would he still be the same Calderon? As the season started his points and assist numbers were a bit higher. His jump shots were on the money. Until his injury. Coming back from injury, it seems he lost his flow in his jump shots and just gave in more turnovers than he did before the injury. Triano came in, and Triano demanded a running team. Calderon is incapable because he is a half-court player. Overall the entire season his defense hasn't improved and PG's are running on him. His lackluster efforts to improve his defense is bad, but overall he is still dropping dimes and still running the team, but not in top-tier form before the injury. He is still injured up to this point.

Anthony Parker - I don't have much to say but he is getting old. He was on his biggest drought in December when he played a role in the bench. Shooting a bad % throughout December. In November he was good ole' Parker. But now it seems he is getting old, his jump shots doesn't have the same lift last 2 years ago. His defenses are still the same. To sum it all up, he is showing signs of declining

Jermaine O'neal
- Injury-prone man started off zig-zaggy. He had games where he performed and where he he didn't. He picked up and went on a 5 game span of scoring 15 + and rebounding 10 rebounds 3 times in the 5 game span. After his 5 game span, he got injured. His defense were top-tier and was proving himself to be the defensive anchor on the Raptors. He is still tearing it up after the injury. Just when you thought he was going to make a run, he gets injured again. Overall his performance this season is good, the best defensive player on the Raptors, just a good performer.

Jamario Moon
- Not much to say but, he started real slow. When benched and replaced by Bargnani. He still wasn't doing much, his rebounding numbers wasn't the same, blocking ability wasn't the same, in general his defense is sub-par. But as he got slotted back in the starting line up, he has quietly improved his 3-pt shot, mid-range game and defense. Although you are not seeing him attack much, your glad to see his shooting improve.

Jason Kapono - Same old Kapono. He has been one dimensional the entire season and no signs of improvement. His 3pt shot has been down lately, after going back to the bench. Although his defense sparks at times, but most of the time he is just a pure-shooter, nothing else.

Joey Graham - Start of the season, no one cared about Graham. Most called him "Sams Dog" which means he will always be on Sams bench. After given the opportunity 3 days before Sam was fired. He played with fire and energy off the bench and is surely improved from last year. He looks to attack the rim more, and plays multiple position to use his raw strength and athleticism. Most don't know, but he is a great player off the bench. Possibly our best 6th man, today. At times he falls in love with the jump shot, but he just loves to attack nowadays. Ever since he was given opportunity, he has been showing signs of consistency up to this point.

Kris Humphries - Nothing to say, he hasn't improved, hasn't declined. Just same old Hump 'hustler' the entire year. He grabs the boards for you, cleans up for you, basically a good spark of the bench. Although at times he loves to take that jumper, which causes his ass to go to the bench

Will Solomon - Zig-Zag season. Start of the season he had the first opportunity to play off the bench. As the season progresses he just turned it over too much earlier this season, and barked at every call the refs gave him. Now lately, he was given the opportunity to play in place of Calderon. He has shown signs on serene, calm, style of play and just controlling a team. He is a good shooter, when he is selective. Overall he is improving lately which is a good sign.

Roko Ukic
- Everyone is saying he has the most potential in the bench. He is often compared to Calderon earlier this season. Shakey, and nervous, Ukic didn't have confidence and he turns it over a lot earlier. Now he has shown signs of leadership, knows his team mates, get to the lane, just more confident. He has flare in his game. In general, as the season progressed he built confidence around his team mates, and I believe that clutch shot in the 4th quarter gave him boost big time.

Hassan Adams - He is a very great cheerleader, and a very great chair on the court when we blow out a team. He was later traded and waived.

Andrea Bargnani - This guy is the defenestration of not being consistent earlier this season. He has shown to score 19 the first game and 0 the next game, then 19 the third game, etc. Overall he is not consistent. Most considered him bust, but he played multiple position, PF, C, SF, 6th Man. He was slotted in the bench early in December for quite some time, he had one of the biggest droughts in the Raptors. Most people gave up. Now O'neal got injured again, he got slotted in the C Spot. He has shown signs of confidence, serene calmness about him, more fluid, thinks on the court, defensively better, better shot blocker. It's 8 games counting of consistency a career-high for him. If he keeps this up, he might take out the "BUST" on his plaque after all. Even when he scored 0 at times, he has shown signs of improvement defensively throughout the entire season.
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Default Re: Danumber88 Raptors Players Analysis

I'm almost done my analysis too. Will post them up soon, most likely Wednesday. I'll post the full out in this thread instead of the other as the other thread just fell off...
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