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Default Stretching and Flexibility

Don't shrug this off, guys. More ball players need to think stretching. If you already do, awesome. I'm talking to the people that downplay it/don't think it's important. It may appear emasculating to some, but the benefits are too plentiful not to do it and do it right. You also see improvement pretty fast. Anyway, I think flexibility helps in a lot of ways (coordination, reach, balance, speed, reducing chance of injury, etc.).

So, here's one of my favorite stretches (I know its benefits will draw you guys in):

The wall straddle stretch, while somewhat painful, has been shown to increase height in very small increments. The action is achieved through balancing the way your leg and groin muscles sit on your hips and, ultimately, your spine. It's quite a feat. My coach used to make us hold the stretch for the duration of a song on the radio, sometimes two (do this, it makes it easier). Regardless, I strongly recommend this stretch along with other basic ones.

WARNING: Since this is such a potent stretch it's extremely easy to injure yourself doing it. When finishing the stretch always slide your feet together, up the wall, and bring them into your chest slowly before rolling and standing up. You never want to just push off the wall and try to jump up. You'll rip a ball, bro.

Anywho, even if you don't do this one, you guys gottttttaaaaa stretch. I know it's worth it.
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Default Re: Stretching and Flexibility

I do stretch but I dont know many exercises.
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Default Re: Stretching and Flexibility

Dear God that waddle strtch is torn groin waiting to happen for me lol... I am so very inflexible.

Yes tho stretching... If you don't do anything else, just please do yourselves a favor and stretch. Your tendons, joints and muscles will love you. Just be sure not to stretch too far otherwise things can tear/pull. Know your body.
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