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Lamar Doom
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Default My Fantasy Success 07-08

man what an incredible year for fantasy basketball, I was "blessed" by the writer's strike to have a ton of time off to junky out on league pass and fantasy hoops. here's some of my success:

League: Oden's Paid Vacation
this was the big one, the "platinum" league, I win 600+ dollars for this one, started the season 3-6 but just got hot and stayed healthy and ALL my trades/moves paid off. again, having tons of free time to watch league pass really helped with free agent moves.

League: Headpound (in honor of Darius and Q)
the other pay league (we did two this year), the "gold" league, pays 150 bucks. I drafted really well and was a bit of a runaway train in this league, ended up winning the last 15 weeks in a row or something. played the waiver wire insanely well here, was pretty sure i was going to win this league in december so it was nice that it panned out, sometimes you get clipped in fantasy playoffs even when you have the best team...

League: Go Kevin Everett (i didn't name this league)
i always like to do a free league before my payleagues draft day just to try to feel out where people are being drafted. this league ended up being my highest scoring team i can remember (7500 pts on the season if you're familiar with cbs' scoring system). just a superstar team, got knocked off in the finals which stopped me from winning every league i did this year, painful. hard to care when you win the money leagues but it would have been nice to just run the table.

League: Ultimate Fantasy League
did one league, i'm just not big on 8-cat or roto style fantasy, i've really put all my eggs in the cbssportsline basket, i just prefer the scoring, format, layout, and everything. this was one of those league where probably half the league didn't make the draft so my team was stacked, had calderon, artest, RJ, and Horford on my bench, they were that good, bit of a cake walk, but it's still a W.

League: Damn We Champs (again, not my league name)
my friend who i have always played fantasy basketball with had a computer problem in december and had me set his lineups for him, he'd missed our "practice draft" league (the one i lost) but had registered Zork Warriors team and not signed up for a league. i took the liberty of drafting a team for kicks. went out on a limb and took guys i never take, either because i don't like them (j-kidd, brad miller) or because i've never had them before, or didn't like them as much as the guys who end up being on my fantasy teams. strange team but they were unstoppable. felt good to win w/o the usual suspects.

League: 8 Week Super League (better late than never)
finally was the 8-week super league, thought it would be fun to draft a team for the final 8 weeks of the fantasy regular season and the 2 week fantasy playoff. i always play as Fancy Pants on cbs but decided i'd go with rick kamla since it was a bit cheap to draft so late in the season. I lost D-wade, Kaman, and shawn marion who had been early round picks but was able to squeak out a win because the guy in the championship played brad miller and didn't have a strong enough team to make up the difference.

was an insanely successful and exciting fantasy season for me, it's always bittersweet when it ends because you know the playoffs are coming but you know you have to wait til october to get back into the fantasy world. always a nice thing to have to keep track of during the week. will be drafting october 18th this year if you guys are interested in cbs leagues, PM me.

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Lamar Doom
Fresh Kid Turned Rotten
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Default Re: My Fantasy Success 07-08

i do apologize, i noticed after i created this thread that there was a "how'd you do this season" post first in line and this (aside from taking time to assemble) doesn't deserve it's own space probably. i hate that when it happens in the nba forum so i'm sorry, feel free to destroy this thread mr. moderator, i can copy it over to the results thread.
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