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Default What the Nets need to improve(...after that mindblowing loss)

Well first of all, defense, something you all know about even before the season starts. Its easy to say though, this team is not constructed to be a good defensive team with the current squad. For some reason I find the 2nd unit actually defend better than the starters, perhaps it was because the opposing teams also brought up their benches and theirs couldnt score? Avery actually was able to convert the Mavs into a decent defensive team after taking over the Mavericks, hopefully he can figure out something. If the defense continues to be bad, he will be in trouble.

Second, rebounding. I have no idea why we had this much trouble rebounding against this Love-less Wolves, I do notice that Humphries is not in best shape though. Dude was averaging a double double for last two seasons, but so far hes been a disappointment. Brook Lopez and Tele aint good rebounders either, so we have to rely much on Evans. Avery made a mistake not playing him in the 4th, when the Wolves missed three consecutive shots but kept grabbing boards till they hit a three pointer. Without that shot, the momentum would have been so different. An X-factor here is Wallace though, hes one of the best rebounder in the position SF. Perhaps he can help a bit, not sure how much improvement though.

At the very last, the team did seem to play good offense but for some reason I feel that it was just the players shooting lights out and using their instinct to move the ball around. I do not see any tactics being applied to each player to make them work as a team. This Nets team has a great number of scoring options, but its not being utilized to max potential. We only scored 10pts in the 4th, apparently our opponents are trying to find ways to defend our shots. Avery needs to develop a reasonable and consistent offense strategy, the team cannot rely on talents all alone without proper tactics. Hopefully this can be resolved with time, we do have a lot to work on at this point.

And do we need to pick up more free agents such as Kenyon Martin and Delonte West? Both are good defenders, the team needs more than players who can score.

Anyway, its a disappointing loss for the Nets. I feel bad for those Brooklyn's Nets fans going to the stadium only to witness this nonsense. Hopefully we rebound from this loss quickly, I aint that optimistic though seeing we are playing Miami next.
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Default Re: What the Nets need to improve(...after that mindblowing loss)

unfortunately i fell asleep around game time. from the comments at ND it sounded like they went right back to giving brook the ball at the three point line and asking him to operate from there. part of that due to nikola-whatshisname pushing him around inside, of course. still, not a good combination given his slowness and his poor reaction to double teams.

brook's always going to be a liability on defense, but at this point i was hoping he'd have developed his strength and his court awareness more. i thought he'd have developed more into a euro-like center with the good shooting AND good passing to at least make up for the poor defense and rebounding. instead it sounded like he was forcing up horrible shots and failing to find his teammates for easy baskets. that's disappointing.

re: rebounding and toughness,
kenyon martin is sounding more attractive in the wake of this collapse. unlike evans, he can play some intense 1-on-1 defense. although i'm not even sure hump should be starting over evans at this point. at least evans knows how to clean the glass... something hump seems to have forgotten at the moment.

re: netsdaily,
so far i've been disappointed with the game summaries there. not a lot of insight in to what just happened... just the usual breezy game summaries like you read at any generic site. i'm definitely missing dave d'alessandro doing regular analysis like he used to.

one thing that's very cool about other SBnation sites, like bloody elbow, is that there's tons of analysis and breakdown of moves and plays. but for whatever reason netsdaily doesn't try to offer that same level of insight. maybe it's just my imagination but i thought they used to try for more of that.

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