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Default Analyzing the 2010 NBA Draft

So far, how would you guys evaluate the players in the 2010 Draft, like the expectations coming in, and what they're doing now, and what they could progress to.

#1 - John Wall - Had a pretty solid season with the Wizards, not a very good supporting cast, but I think you can build around Wall.

#2 - Evan Turner - Evan needs to really work on the jump shot over the summer, started off the year with a disappointment, still pretty up and down so far this year.

#3 - Derrick Favors - Needs a year or two to get some experience, work on his game, youngest player in the NBA at 19, still has a lot of upside, hard to tell whether how good he will be or not.

#4 - Wesley Johnson - Haven't seen a lot of him, but he seems to have disappointed me a little bit, jump shoot has really struggled lately from what I heard around when watching the Jazz game tonight.

#5 - DeMarcus Cousins - He looks like he could be the best player in the draft aside from Wall, if he can cure those on court attitude, he can be a special player.

#6 - Ekpe Udoh - Seems to be a bit of a disappointment, seems more of a defense and rebounding type guy more than the offense.

#7 - Greg Monroe - Really turning into a good player with the Pistons, might be the only bright spot on the team aside from Jerebko.

#8 - Al Farouq-Aminu - Seems like he could be a decent player, but has had a season a bit similar to Wes Johnson.

#9 - Gordon Hayward - Really started off the year as a big disappointment, he's starting to turn the corner though when giving minutes with us (the Jazz), showing signs of being good.

#10 - Paul George - Looking like he might be a better pick than Hayward, putting up good numbers under Vogel.

Other players that have exceeded expectations to me, Ed Davis, Pat Patterson, and Landry Fields having an amazing season for the #39th pick in the draft.
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Default Re: Analyzing the 2010 NBA Draft

Cousins and Wall will be good starters/stars for years to come.
If you factor in the minutes played, Cousins' points and rebounding is just as good (or better than) as Wall's points and assists.

Favors have been good defensively. He's shown some great moves in the post offensively as well but he's still struggling to finish. Has a good jumper too for a big guy.

Hayward has been the best perimeter defender for the Jazz (not sure if that says anything). I just wish he can get his offensive stroke going. Did he play without the ball much at Butler? Maybe this is why he is struggling with his shooting.

Johnson seems like one of those streaky shooters but can't do anything else for you. Same with Aminu but with much better athleticism than Johnson. But then again, I'm only basing off 3 or 4 games I've seen from them.

No comments on the rest of the top 10 because I don't know too much about them.

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Default Re: Analyzing the 2010 NBA Draft

Good thread.

I have been pleasantly surprised by Trevor Booker, and Samardo Samuels lately.

My favorite player in this draft is Paul George, who is having very good minutes in Indiana. It is a mature player with good athleticism, with knowledge of the game and defensively pretty good. I think it will have a long NBA career.

Wall for me has been somewhat disappointing, I thought I would have more impact on the performance of his team

Cousins ​​to me is the player who has a higher ceiling, but his mental / emotional / character problems can be a fatal obstacle. Hopefully he must find the balance and overcome their problems, because quality has to be a star.

Monroe is also playing very well in Detroit, a great future ahead. But I think it has less talent than Cousins​​.

Aldrich, and Babbitt expected to have more minutes, but have not played anything in their respective teams. A shame because, besides the positions they occupy are well employed in their teams.

Most of the players in this draft have had very few options to play, and many who are playing have had a very inconsistent performance.

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Default Re: Analyzing the 2010 NBA Draft

I don't need to say anything about Wall so I just wanna speak on the other three 1sts on the Wiz.

Really dig Trevor Booker. Great athleticism, great hustle. He'll never be a star but he's the type of player championship squads are made of.

Kevin Seraphin is raw as **** but he has great size and potential. For someone his size, his touch around the basket is unreal. Real excited to see him going froward.

Jordan Crawford, over Lebron dunk tape fame, brought over in tuhe Hinrich, I'm also loving. I love that he can run the point. He's a chucker though. Horrible slot selection but great ability to het to the rim.
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