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Old 12-20-2010, 06:53 AM   #91
Mista Kool
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Default Re: Religion

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
Stephen Hawking: “Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist. It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going.”

Washed-up Stephen Hawking was already bent over and given a thorough spanking by Bruce Gordon:

Hawking irrational arguments - Washington Times

A sampling...

Originally Posted by Bruce Gordon
Nowhere is this destructive consequence more evident than in the machinations of multiverse cosmology to "explain" cosmological fine-tuning. Cosmic inflation is invoked to "explain" why our universe is so flat and its background radiation so uniform. All possible solutions of string theory are invoked to "explain" the incredible fine-tuning of the cosmological constant. But the evidence for cosmic inflation is both thin and equivocal; the evidence for string theory and its extension, M-theory, is nonexistent; and the idea that conjoining them demonstrates that we live in a multiverse of bubble universes with different laws and constants is a mathematical fantasy. What is worse, multiplying without limit the opportunities for any event to happen in the context of a multiverse - where it is alleged that anything can spontaneously jump into existence without cause - produces a situation in which no absurdity is beyond the pale.

Hawking needs to roll off and die, and take his silly, last-ditch efforts to prove atheism with him.
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Default Re: Religion

Originally Posted by Stuckey
believing in God is cool but following a religion is slavery

I agree with this statement.
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Default Re: Religion

Originally Posted by Stuckey
believing in God is cool but following a False religion/False Prophet is slavery

I agree.
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Default Re: Religion

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The Iron Price
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Default Re: Religion

Originally Posted by Mista Kool
Anything which comes into existence must have a cause. Anything which doesn't come into existence, but instead is timeless, can't have a cause.

I would hope that's easily understood and wouldn't need further elaboration.

The problem is, big bang cosmology says that our universe had a beginning, thus it must have a cause; a reason for that beginning.

God-denialists, realizing the theistic implications of a cause bringing our universe into existence in an unfathomably small fraction-of-a-second, have now resorted to the multiverse. Their obvious motivations are to delude themselves into believing that nature is infinite and eternal, despite our universe's apparent beginning. This, of course, means that they can avoid having to explain its (our universe's) existence. It's just the "cosmic debris" of the multiverse; an offshoot which coincidentally has life-sustaining properties, as well as a perfectly comprehensible structure perfect for discovery (science), which can be pieced together to create technology and all of our other advancements.

It's all one happy cosmic accident made possible by our glorious uncreated multiverse and Her infinite nature.

Let us all bow down and worship our purposeless creator!

So, I'm guessing you subscribe to the invisible guy in the sky with a magical wand theory.
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