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Originally Posted by BBallBeatwriter
After all Bill Walton only played played 400-450 games in 10 years, which is only half the games in his career, yet he is in HOF, but he was MVP and won a title.

Keep in mind, it is the Basketball Hall of Fame, not the NBA Hall of Fame.

There's no way you could leave Walton out.

Webber, on the other hand, is not a hall of famer. Zo may be enventually, but he won't be for a while.
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I hope you guys are talking about whether you agree with him being in or not becuz he will be in.......the only reason he went to NCAA is becuz he was a bit b4 the era of H.S to NBA players.........

No matter how you feel about his clutchness being a franchise guy like he as of the most talented PF's EVER.......he'll be in if for no other reason that when more voters are his contemporaries they will put him in on nostalgia.......

I mean from H.S to NBA he's been at the top of the game...goes to NCAA finals as a Freshman leading Freshman.....ROY...MVP Canidate.......he didn't get to a final but he wouldn't be viewed as less talented than Ewing......If he only put up stats in say a 3-4 year span he would be let out for not being stellar for a long enough time.....but for a good ten years now he's been can't **** with just can't....

Even Gilmore and Haywood will get in Haywood has some black ball issues I think
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Originally Posted by Ron_Artesticle
Yes, he should be in the hall.

People hate on Webber for being a choker, loser, etc. but the man has flat out made teams better his entire career. Golden State has barely sniffed the playoffs since he left. It took Washington 7 years to get out of the lottery post Webber. If Bibby were so great he wouldn't have let the Kings have a worse record than Portland last year before Artest came on board. Webber has taken 3 perennial losers and brought them to the playoffs. Each team has been worse off after he left. That accounts for something.

Webber's reputation for choking when it counts is also largely undeserved. He rarely gets credit for playing well in the playoffs and almost always gets bashed when he doesn't. Nobody talks about him dropping a triple double on Dirk in the playoffs of 04 while on one leg. Or him battling MVP KG to 7 games that same year (a series in which he was the only King to bring it every game). Bibby has yet to have a good series without Webber. The Kings had quite a few chokers on that 2002 team - Peja, Christie, Hedo. Webber was not one of them. He has hit numerous game winning shots for the Kings. Just off the top of my head I remember multiple winners against Utah and a 3 pointer against Boston.

No matter how you cut it, Webber is a winner and is HOF worthy.

Sorry to go back so far in the thread but I just registered earlier tonight. CWeb only played one season in GS and they did make the playoffs...and went 3 and out. His regular season17.5 pts 9.1 rbs and 3.6 ast and playoffs 15.7 pts 8.7rbs but an astonishing 9ast. Still 3 and out isn't exactly making the Bay Area lament the Webber era I would think. He then played for 4 seasons in DC during which time they made the playoffs once...and went 3 and out. Regular season 20.1 pts 10.3 rbs 4.6asts, but his playoffs were, again, 15.7 pts 8.0 rbs and 3.3 assists. Seems to me that's not quite clutch in the playoffs. However, until the microfracture surgery he had some outstanding seasons with the kings...but some monumental disappearing acts in important games. He may make the hall but for me it's not automatic. I would say maybe in a slow year, but not first ballot for sure. Really good player and fun to watch at one time though.
KJ missed way too many games after his first 4-5 seasons. In the second half of his career he played less than 70 games all but once. The one time he played 70.
Hill for the same reason. If he gets in pre injury, then why not Penny as well. He was just as dominant as Hill for about the same amount of time and had more post-season success.
I was a huge Run TMC fan as a kid but none of the three make it in my opinion. They were great at the time and I'll watch any game they played but they just never went far enough.
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He was better than KG in his absolute prime. He was probably better than dirk is now in his absolute prime and if you know how big of a dirk fan i am you realize what statement that was. Before he got hurt he was amare + basketball skills. The 3rd most Physically gifted basketball player i have seen behind Jordan and Lebron.
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