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Anderson Varejao sprains left ankle

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Anderson Varejao left today’s game versus the Los Angeles Lakers with 3:12 remaining in the third quarter with a Left Ankle Sprain. X-rays taken at the Staples Center were negative. He will be re-evaluated tomorrow in LA and his status will be updated after that.

With Sasha Pavlovic’s recent injury, the last thing Cleveland needs is Varejao being hurt as well.

New statement from Nene

Denver Nuggets forward/center Nene released a new statement today:

“I would like to apologize for the incorrect information that was disclosed. There was no bad-faith or intention to fool anyone upon the announcement of a wrong result for the biopsy - it was a miscommunication within our staff and we were all very upset with what happened. But the worst part is over, I am very happy with the result of the exams, happy for feeling better. It was wonderful to meet my basketball family, my Denver teammates, and I was surprised with the support and the way they welcomed me back. It is because of emotions like this that I see how difficult it will be to stay away from the courts.

“My mind is there, with the team, but my body needs to rest and to recover. And to know that I am recovering is a big comfort. I had the opportunity to talk with my coach Karl, who also faced very difficult moments and won such battles. I must thank God, my family, which has always been by my side, my team, my friends, my staff and my fans, from all parts of the world, who sent messages of support and affection, became solidary with me in such difficult moment, comforted me and gave me even more strength to believe that I would be well. I am well, feeling strong and grateful for all this affection that came from so much people, from so many places, and which was a very strong support point to me in the course of the last month.”

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