On Tuesday, the NBA will award Kobe Bryant his 2007-08 Most Valuable Player award.

The conference is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Pacific time and is taking place in a Los Angeles hotel.

Bryant definitely had an MVP season. So did Chris Paul, though. I’d have been cool with either guy getting it, or even a co-MVP. But I support the argument that Bryant, all these years, has never won the award, and young CP3 has plenty of years to win it. Of course, the award shouldn’t be given out based on that sort of political slant, but if something is too close to call, factor it in. And in this case I think Bryant had the slight edge in deserving it based on how the season went, and definitely has the edge in terms of “deserving” it based on where the two players are in their career.

So, congrats, Kobe.