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Chris Bosh signs with Warner Music Canada

Chris Bosh, NBA All-Star and six-year veteran of the Toronto Raptors, has entered into an agreement with Warner Music Canada to produce a unique DVD and CD to be released in the fall of 2009. Chris Bosh is also thrilled to announce that he has become the first athlete in the world to launch his own application for iPhone and iPod touch on the Apple App Store.

The material on the as-yet-untitled DVD will be based on the original comedic characters Bosh has developed over the past two years in a series of hilarious video clips posted on the internet. The DVD program will also include a tour of Chris’ life in Dallas (giving fans an insider look at the path that brought him to NBA stardom). The DVD will be executive produced by Max Deal Technologies President Hadi Teherany and Chris Bosh.

“This is exciting,” says Bosh. “Teaming up with Warner to produce my very own CD and DVD, as well as being the first athlete with their very own iPhone and iPod touch application, are just two more ways for fans to get to know me off the court. Entertaining my fans through the use of technology allows me to continue to try and pioneer the digital space for athletes across the world!”

“Chris Bosh is obviously talented on and off the basketball court,” says Steve Kane, President, Warner Music Canada. “We know that nothing like this has ever been tried before with an athlete but we have followed Chris’ incredible viral success with his videos online and we are very excited about the possibilities of this new partnership.”

OKC Thunder getting new scoreboard

Thunder Basketball fans in every seat will enjoy a significant upgrade to their game viewing experience with the addition of a brand new, high quality digital video scoreboard. Designs of the new Ford Center scoreboard were released today. It is scheduled to be in place before the start of the 2009-10 Thunder season.  The new scoreboard is among the many improvements planned for the Ford Center over the next two years.

The scoreboard, manufactured by Daktronics, features a total of ten full-motion video panels as compared to the current four panel scoreboard configuration. This will provide fans with a significantly enhanced video and graphics presentation. The new 10mm video panels are almost three times the size of the main screens on the current 12mm scoreboard. The board also includes an LED ring to display video and text.

“Our goal is to take as many steps as possible to improve the game experience for our fans. The addition of this high quality scoreboard is just one of the many amenities we are improving to accomplish that goal,” said Brian Byrnes, the Thunder’s senior vice president for ticket sales and services. “The high quality video panels will provide higher resolution which means sharper, clearer images and enhanced viewing for every seat in the house.”

The bottom of the scoreboard will also feature two unique tilted 6mm video panels to provide a high quality, easy-to-view presentation for fans sitting courtside and in other lower seating areas.  “This is a feature we requested and it was designed specifically for the Thunder. We feel it will greatly improve the viewing experience for our fans sitting close to the floor,” Byrnes said. Besides live and replayed game action, all ten video panels will be able to display video features, in-game activities, sponsor elements and, of course, the game score.

The 46,000 pound scoreboard will be 35 feet wide and 31 feet tall and will cost $3.9 million. The Thunder worked closely with the City of Oklahoma City to develop the design features.

Funding for the scoreboard and other renovations to the Ford Center comes from a one-cent sales tax approved by voters on March 4, 2008.  The 15-month tax took effect on January 1, 2009 and will expire March 31, 2010.

The New York Times reports: The Phoenix Mercury’s new uniform no longer has the words Phoenix or Mercury. Instead, the W.N.B.A.’s Mercury appears to have been renamed LifeLock, with the 10-inch-by-4-inch name of the identity-theft protection company stretching across the team’s jerseys. A small Mercury logo (the planet, with an M) appears like a badge on the upper left of the jersey. Taking a cue from international sports, where displaying corporate names on jerseys is standard, the Mercury on Monday will announce a three-year deal with Tempe, Ariz.-based LifeLock that is worth at least $1 million annually… During an off-season when one franchise, the Houston Comets, folded and the remaining 13 cut their rosters to 11 players from 13, the W.N.B.A. authorized its teams to let companies place their names on the players’ jerseys as part of broad sponsorship agreements. At least one other team is close to a similar deal. editor says: There isn’t anything surprising or shocking about this, though it’ll still be interesting to see with my own eyes for the first time. Because, while viewing it, I’ll be pondering the obvious: Will NBA teams do this, eventually?

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