Greg Ostertag was a somewhat solid NBA center. Weak as a starter, but better than most of the league’s backups. He was big. He got dunked on by Shaquille O’Neal a lot. He had limited ability

The former Utah Jazzman is reportedly attempting a comeback. Jody Genessy of the Deseret News reports:

The former Jazz center is attempting an NBA comeback.

He even recently worked out for a team.

Last week, Ostertag participated in a scrimmage with the Portland Trail Blazers, who are reportedly auditioning big men, including perhaps Jarron Collins, the Oregonian reported.

Ostertag had some rocky moments in his relationship with Sloan, which is why the Hall-of-Fame shout-out was unexpected.

Now 36 years old, Ostertag hasn’t played in the NBA for more than three years, which is why his reported workout was eye-opening.

I’d say there’s a 95 percent chance no one signs him, and a 5 percent chance he lands a nonguaranteed minimum deal for a team’s training camp.