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Jack Ramsey tosses doubt at Mike Brown

Marc Berman of the New York Post reports (via the Post blog):

Jack Ramsey, former legendary coach and ESPN Radio’s color man for this second-round series, blames coach Mike Brown for the Cavaliers’ dire predicament, not LeBron James.

Ramsey believes Brown hasn’t made any strategic adjustments to get James better looks against the Celtics’ swarming help defense, feels the coach should push the pace and get Antawn Jamison more involved.

Speaking at the morning shootaround, Ramsey told The Post, “I think the pieces are there. But you got to use the pieces you have. Coaches have to make adjustments to what the other team is doing and find ways to beat that.”

Brown said this morning he planned to give Boston “a different look” and there’s rumors he’s considering playing James at point guard tonight.

The Boston Herald reports:

A “psychotic” Boston man is accused of threatening to kill NBA star Juwan Howard and his family as well as attempting to extort $1 million from the Portland Trail Blazers forward, prosecutors and police said.

“He has been doing this for years, and he’s never actually spoken to my husband, he’s never even met him, but he’s obsessed with him,” said Jenine Howard in a phone interview after the arrest of Rahmal W. Stinson, 30, of Dorchester. “He’s showed up at games, and mailed gifts and leaves obscene messages. We’ve gotten additional security and we feel pretty safe. But he makes me nervous.”

Stinson, who was arrested Tuesday, was determined to be psychotic and is locked up in Bridgewater State Hospital, where he is undergoing a 20-day evaluation, according to Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley’s office.

Stinson’s 12-year-old child is the daughter of Jenine Howard’s sister and occasionally stays at the Howards’ Houston home, according to the family. Stinson frequently calls the home, and on March 20 allegedly threatened to kill the entire household, police said.

The AP reports:

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says the NBA should raise its minimum age for entry into the league to 21.

The NBA’s career scoring leader and centre on the Los Angeles Lakers’ 1980s “Showtime” teams said Wednesday there’s a disturbing sense of entitlement among many of today’s young pros.

“They get precocious kids from high school who think they’re rock stars — ‘Where’s my $30 million?’ “ said Abdul-Jabbar, who was in Omaha to speak at the B’nai B’rith sports banquet. “The attitudes have changed, and the game has suffered because of that, and it has certainly hurt the college game.” …

“When I played, the players had to go to college and earn their way onto the court, meaning that there were upperclassmen ahead of them,” he said. “Players who had to go through that and had to go to class, when they got to be professional athletes, they were a lot better qualified.”

Abdul-Jabbar said if college weren’t the right place for a player, the player should, as an alternative, be required to play in a minor league or developmental league.

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