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Mike Miller cleared to return for Heat

The AP reports:

Mike Miller cleared to return for Heat

Miami Heat swingman Mike Miller has been cleared to play after missing four games following several blows to the head.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra says Miller will be on the roster Sunday night when Miami hosts the New York Knicks.

Miller has not played since Feb. 15. He was involved in jarring collisions in three consecutive games over five days and was checked several times for concussionlike symptoms

Mike Monroe of the San Antonio Express-News reports:

Gregg Popovich surprised by all the trades

There was so much trade activity last week, even Gregg Popovich was surprised and impressed.

“Yes, I was,” said the Spurs coach. “Usually it’s much ado about nothing. This time all those rumors and situations that were talked about in the papers and on TV and on those fancy machines everybody carries around, most of them came about, and even some surprises that nobody had talked about. So there was a great deal of activity that surprised me.”

What should we make of all that surprising activity?

Don’t ask Popovich, now the longest-tenured coach in the league.

“I have no control over what any of those players might do with any of their (new) teams,” he said. “but when we play each of them, I’ll concentrate on what’s going on with that team. But ahead of that, I’ll spend no time contemplating what it means for everyone.”

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