Mike Miller and Mario Chalmers interviews between NBA Finals games 1 and 2

The Miami Heat lead the Dallas Mavericks 1-0 in the 2011 NBA Finals. Here’s what Mavs guard Jason Terry said on a practice day between games 1 and 2:


mike miller

Question: What is it about the home identity that you guys have?

Miller: We hope to keep that streak alive. It’s big, especially in the playoffs. Protect home court. Feed off the energy of the crowd. It’s a great place to play right now.

Question: What has changed the last six months that you guys have been so successful in fourth quarters these days?

Miller: It took time to grow. Obviously we’re still learning each other for the most part. Fourth quarter, our defense has been great so far. Big stops in the fourth quarter.

Question: Any problems with your shoulder?

Miller: Old age. No, I’m fine. There’s no effects.

Question: Did you guys work much on the zone?

Miller: A little bit. Obviously they play their zone. We play inside-out on the zone. Try to offensive rebound.

Question: Speaking of rebounds, you guys have been middle of the pack all season. Plus-10 last night.

Miller: Obviously for us, it limits their second chance points. Also gives us second chance points of our own. That’s big for us. We have to keep working on that as the series moves on.

Question: And they’re big.

Miller: They’re big and athletic.


mario chalmers

Question: Now being able to close out in the second half of fourth quarters, how have you guys been able to change what was happening earlier in the season?

Chalmers: Just focus in later. Let our defense step it up late and be our offense.

Question: Is there something in the Mavs’ defense you guys felt you could exploit?

Chalmers: Any time a team goes to the zone, you know you have an open look. Yesterday we were knocking them down.

Question: On the other side of that, did you guys work on the zone offense?

Chalmers: Not today. We didn’t. We talked about key points we can do.

Question: Is there anything magical happening here? You guys haven’t lost here in Miami during the playoffs.

Chalmers: Our fans. I think it’s our fans. They come out every night supporting us, cheering us loud and providing us with that extra energy.

Question: Can you talk about the confidence you have to take shots?

Chalmers: It’s good. It shows my teammates trust me. I want them to keep trusting me, keep working on that shot and keep trying to knock it down.