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Sixers players work out in Los Angeles

Elton Brand

It’s perfectly logical for NBA players during the lockout to meet up with friends or teammates and, well, play basketball. And work out. And do other stuff, too.

The latest to do this are most of the Philadelphia 76ers players.

Dei Lynam of CSN Philly reports:

For those of you familiar with destination weddings, consider the Sixers’ weekend in Los Angeles, where eight current team members met to practice, a destination basketball workshop for family only. These pick up games were not about having as many NBA players participate as possible, rather about having as many Sixers be in attendance as possible.

“The guys came out. We are having a great time together, bonding together. That’s what it is about,” said Elton Brand who, along with Lou Williams, organized the gathering.

“I think that creates a winning environment, having each others back out there,” Brand continued. “So you have to care, you have to grow, you have to know where someone likes the ball. When a guy can’t play defense or can’t show as well on a pick you have to know that. You have to know that. You have to be there to help your guy and have their back.”

Along with Brand and Williams, in attendance were Andre Iguodala, Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, Jodie Meeks, Spencer Hawes and Craig Brackins. That list includes last year’s starting five, their sixth man and a rookie who will likely earn a starting spot whenever the upcoming season does get underway.

I would think other squads should aim to do this as well. Why not?

Patty Mills to sign in Australia

Melbourne Tigers will confirm one of the NBL’s greatest recruiting coups with the signing of Boomers guard Patty Mills.

Coming off two seasons with the Portland Trailblazers, free-agent Mills is available to the Tigers because of the NBA lockout that could cancel the season.

While Mills has an offer on the table from Portland and likely will return to the NBA if the lockout ends, the Tigers are keen meanwhile to cash in on the availability of the lightning fast guard.

No official comment was available from the Tigers, but they have scheduled a media conference for a significant announcement at 11am today.

– Reported by the Herald Sun

Javaris Crittenton

Javaris Crittenton has gone from being a professional basketball player to a man on the run.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is helping police in Atlanta and Los Angeles search for a former NBA player wanted for murder.

FBI Special Agent Steve Emmett in Atlanta told The Associated Press on Sunday that the agency is involved as police look for Javaris Crittenton. Authorities say Crittenton is charged in the fatal shooting of 22-year Jullian Jones, a mother of four who was gunned down Aug. 19 in Atlanta..

Atlanta police spokesman Sgt. Curtis Davenport said Crittenton was not in custody as of Sunday afternoon.

It’s a sad story, and I still hope that he turns out to be innocent of charges. Maybe he’s running around trying to find evidence to clear his name. That’s what would happen on a TV show, at least. Unfortunately, this is real.

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