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Lakers add Many Harris, for 10 days

With Nick Young being suspended for a game due to tossing a punch where a Phoenix Suns player was standing, the Lakers have added a guard who has been dropping serious buckets in the D-League lately.

Here’s more info on who Harris is:

Full item: Lakers sign Manny Harris to 10-day contract

Nick Young is nicknamed “Swaggy P.” Swag flies through the air anytime Young does anything. You can never have enough swag, as Young is well aware.

Unfortunately, yesterday during a Lakers vs Suns game, Young’s swag emerged in the form of a punch, and that’s no bueno. The NBA suspended him one game as a result, and fined a pair of Suns players as well.

Full details here: Nick Young suspended for punch

OKC signs Royal Ivey for 10 days

The Oklahoma City Thunder have, as expected, been one of the league’s best teams this season. Even with star point guard Russell Westbrook injured, the team is a force.

But the team can still use a bit of help in their backcourt. And so enters Royal Ivey, who is a solid backup to have at the end of a bench for use in limited minutes.

Full news item: Thunder sign Royal Ivey to 10-day contract

Hedo Turkoglu joins Clippers

You remember Hedo Turkoglu. He did fun things on the Orlando Magic years ago, but has largely been forgotten about for a couple seasons now.

Well, he’s back, and actually in a pretty good situation, jumping on board with the Los Angeles Clippers, who can use him in very limited minutes to keep their flow going. It’s a low-risk addition.

Full news: Clippers sign Hedo Turkoglu, keep Darius Morris, release Maalik Wayns

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