Here’s reporting on Indiana Pacers shooting guard Lance Stephenson. The team was eliminated Friday by the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals:

lance stephenson free agency

Lance Stephenson’s recent production hints he is due a major pay day as the shooting guard hits the free-agent market this summer.

But after the Indiana Pacers’ ouster in the East finals, his teammates had mixed reactions about his future in the wake of a number of Stephenson-fueled controversies.

Paul George, who like Stephenson was drafted by the Pacers in 2010 and helped build the team into a contender in the East, was ambivalent when asked if Stephenson would be back.

“I don’t know. That’s for Larry, Kevin Pritchard, for them to decide,” George said of president Larry Bird and the Pacers’ general manager.

George later tempered his reaction, saying he and Stephenson “came into this league together. It would be great for us to continue our journey together.”