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Video: Jabari Parker profile

Get to know high-ranking 2014 NBA draft prospect Jabari Parker a little bit better:

Here’s the Salt Lake Tribune reporting on the Utah Jazz:

The Utah Jazz roster is one of the youngest in the NBA, and one of the least experienced in the league. Indeed, the Jazz have pinned their future to a core of five young players. And of that quintet, only Gordon Hayward is approaching the age of 25.

But despite the youth — and the lumps this team took last season — General Manager Dennis Lindsey loves the balance of the group. There’s a developmental guy at every position. There are vastly varying skill sets with the younger players, and that lends hope to fans that would like to see a proud franchise return back to its winning ways.

The makeup of the team also has helped with the upcoming NBA Draft. If there’s a team in the top five that can truly focus on picking the best player available — instead of need — it’s the Utah Jazz. And from the beginning of the process, that’s been the mantra of Lindsey, his right hand Justin Zanik and player development guru Walt Perrin.

None of that has philosophy has changed with the hiring of new head coach Quin Snyder. In fact, it helps in terms of continuity that Snyder and Lindsey feel the same on many player personnel issues. But the overall mission of the draft has stayed consistent with Snyder on board: On Thursday night, the Utah Jazz want to pick the best player on the board at No. 5. Even if that best player has a few warts.

Here’s the Philadelphia Daily News reporting on the 2014 Draft, which is this coming Thursday, June 26:

It was announced yesterday that Embiid, projected by many as the top pick in next Thursday’s draft and at least one of the top three, suffered a stress fracture in his right foot and will have surgery today. He was already a question mark going into the offseason after missing the last six games at Kansas with a stress fracture in his back, though he seemed to be healed from that injury, judging by recent workouts. The foot injury has major implications for the Sixers with the third pick, whether they were interested in taking the 7-foot, 250-pound center or not.

Before the news of Embiid’s injury, the top three picks were just about rock solid among Embiid, Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker. Now, who knows?

Earlier this week the Sixers had Wiggins in for 3 days for meetings and a workout. That is a significant amount of time to host a player, and speculation could be correct that he is their main target. When Embiid was healthy, many mock drafts had Wiggins still available to the Sixers at No. 3. But now with the center probably out for a good portion of the season, it wouldn’t be a stretch to believe that Wiggins and Parker will go in the top two slots to Cleveland and Milwaukee. If the Sixers truly are enamored with Wiggins, they probably will have to do some dealing to ensure that they get him. That could mean moving the third pick and perhaps some other pieces to get a swap with either the Cavaliers or the Bucks. The Sixers, of course, also have the 10th pick and five second-rounders at their disposal, so if there is any team that is primed to move, it’s them.

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