Number of NBA preseason games may be reduced

Here’s Michigan Live reporting on the NBA preseason landscape and how it is expected to change in upcoming seasons:

It is anticipated that there will be a movement to reduce the number of preseason games by 2017, when the players and owners both can opt out of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who was in Detroit for his first Pistons home game since taking the job in February 2014, said he has a position on the matter “but it’s something that we’re going to save for bargaining with our players.” Teams typically play eight preseason games. Some coaches and general managers, including Pistons president-coach Stan Van Gundy have advocated for a reduction. “It’s something that we’re currently discussing,” Silver said. “Obviously, it has an economic impact on the league if we reduce the number of preseason games, but I’m also sympathetic to the wear-and-tear issue on our players as well.”

Wizards have below .500 record at home

Here’s CSN MidAtlantic reporting on the Wizards, who are 10-8 on the road this season yet a disappointing 9-13 at home:

Six teams have a sub-41 winning percentage at home: Wizards, Nuggets, Nets, Lakers, Timberwolves and 76ers. Overall, the Wizards are 19-21 this season, having reached .500 last week before losing two straight. Those other five teams are a combined 54-156 (.346).

Portland’s 3-point shooting barrage highlighted a major difference for Washington at home over the last two season.

Opponents are shooting an NBA-best 40.1 percent from beyond the arc (on 23.4 attempts per game) at Verizon Center this season. That’s a steep fall from last season’s 32.1 clip.

Overall visiting teams are sinking 47.3 percent of their field goal tries in Washington. That’s also the worst in the NBA. Last season, opponents made 42.2 percent.