James Harden did it all last season for the Rockets. He was truly two players in one: a great point guard and an amazing shooting guard. If he wasn’t scoring, he was probably setting a teammate up for a good shot in proper position.

Now, Chris Paul enters the mix.┬áThat’s a good thing, right?

Well, sure. Probably. He’s CP3. Still plays like himself. Getting up there in age, but not washed up yet.

And common sense says if you add a talent like Paul to any team, they should improve.

Things should work out. But there may be some minor, temporary growing pains. Because as good as Paul is, can he do a better job of creating than Harden did?

There’s no actual real problem here. It’s more of a fascination, in seeing how the chemistry develops. The team, even if they take a temporary half-step back before advancing forward, should certainly be as good as they were last season.

Should be a fun show.