NBA star Metta World Peace has said a lot of bizarre things in his career on and off the court.

And his recent public service announcement is yet another head-scratcher.

The trippy PSA stars Peace as ‘Metta Man’ a superhero who skateboards through the New York City skyline. The ad also features Larry King, a Cooper Mini, and a 40 pound curling stone. The partically animated video ends with Peace executing a backboard-shattering dunk.

“I may do some wild things at times,” he says, at the end of the 60 second PSA. “But there’s something I’m really serious about. Mental health.”

The spot directs viewers to Limelight Mental Health, a non-profit organization that claims to boost awareness and reduce stigma surrounding mental illness. Limelight encourages people to wear lime green bracelets or ribbons for mental health awareness.

– Reported by Lindsay Goldwert of theĀ New York Daily News

Ron Artest mental health PSA video