kendrick perkins

In the first quarter, the TNT announcers appeared a bit nervous after Kendrick Perkins stared them down in reaction to their criticism from Game 2. Sideline reporter Craig Sager later noted that Perkins had watched the Game 2 tape, and he wasn’t happy with their comments.

“He glared in our booth,” [Steve] Kerr said. “He said, ‘Talk about that. Talk about that.’ He took a beating after Game 2. He heard us talking about him. He’s coming after us.”

On the postgame show, [Charles] Barkley complimented the team and the crowd. “Scott Brooks made some adjustments that he needed to do. This crowd kept the energy level up the whole game. This is an impressive home court. … Take your hats off to OKC. They were fabulous tonight.”

– Reported by Mel Bracht of the Oklahoman