dwyane wade

No Chris Bosh? No big deal. Rajon Rondo lights Miami up for 44 points in a playoff performance for the ages? So what.

No matter how big the obstacles are in the Eastern Conference finals for the Miami Heat, they’re never too big to overcome.

Not that the Heat is doing any victory dances. After Miami outlasted the magnificent Rondo and the Celtics in overtime on Wednesday, 115-111, to take a 2-0 lead, Dwyane Wade was asked if he saw any celebration in the Heat locker room.

“There was no celebrating,” he said. “We won two games at home. It was a good win, a very good win for us. If we lose this game, this series would become a lot tougher. But it’s two games, and all we did was win two at home.”

That sounds like a veteran player whose team was up 2-1 in the Finals last June and couldn’t finish the deal. Which is exactly the Heat’s mentality. Any celebration before holding up the Larry O’Brien Trophy would be premature.

– Reported by Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News