Royce White knows he has an anxiety issue. He’s fully aware that these feelings have taken him from a top-10 prospect to a late first-rounder and are trying to take hold of his body every time he faces a situation outside of his control.

Still, the Iowa State forward spent time at the NBA combine addressing his fellow prospects. He knows what he deals with and can’t imagine how other prospects are prepared to go through similar issues on their first job interviews.

“I believe that having anxiety is the same as having cancer or heart disease,” White said. “It’s not a character issue. If you talk about character, it’s a whole different ballgame. I’m ready to openly talk about all of those associations, and I feel for those who aren’t.”

Interviews are the most important part of the combine. The top prospects don’t participate in on-court drills, like a top-notch high school student testing out of college courses.

– Reported by Rusty Simmons of theĀ San Francisco Chronicle