kevin garnett

From the Celtics’ end of the spectrum, they are bent on keeping their flexibility as they move through what is, to some extent, a transition period. That means the C’s would be overjoyed to get Garnett to stay on a one-year deal, though there is at least some reason to believe they would discuss an option for 2013-14, knowing KG’s pride wouldn’t allow him to stay if he wasn’t a factor.

Financially, the Celtics don’t want to go overboard, but considering it’s unlikely they will be able to find a worthy recipient for what could be significant salary cap space, they could afford a decent number for Garnett to keep said space warm. But it won’t be in the same area code as the $21 million he pulled down this season.

The bottom line for the Celts is that they could greatly benefit from the presence of a veteran who takes practice so seriously (and it is presumed the club actually will have a few practices when the schedule returns to normal next season) and has a strong effect on younger players. It’s also important that the guy can still, you know, play the game.

Garnett was a revelation in the latter portion of the season, which is a fairly bold concept for someone in his 17th year. The way he took to the center position and showed a far greater willingness to play inside on offense answered some long-held prayers by the staff.

– Reported by Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald