A California court on Friday extended a restraining order against former basketball star Dennis Rodman and told him to stay away from his ex-wife who testified he showed up drunk at her apartment.

The decision comes as Rodman, 51, and his former spouse, Michelle, continue to battle in court over unpaid child support payments that her attorneys say total about $800,000.

It was a busy day for the former couple, who after the ruling on the restraining order also had a separate hearing on child support.

In the first hearing, Orange County Court Commissioner Renee Wilson extended a restraining order she first granted as a temporary measure on May 30. Wilson’s ruling keeps the restraining order in place at least until a child support trial scheduled for late October, when the matter is set to be revisited.

Wilson also ruled that Rodman, a Hall of Fame retired National Basketball Association player known for his great rebounding skills, will be allowed to visit his two children with Michelle. But Wilson ordered that an off-duty sheriff’s deputy must be present to monitor the visits.

– Reported by Dana Feldman of Reuters