Exclusive: Al Harrington has had multiple knee surgeries this summer

By Jeff Lenchiner

InsideHoops.com is in Las Vegas for 2012 NBA summer league. Friday afternoon, Denver Nuggets forward Al Harrington walked into the gym on crutches. InsideHoops.com had a quick exclusive chat with Harrington for a health update:

InsideHoops.com: What’s the latest on you and your surgery?

Al Harrington: I had tore my meniscus in April, towards the end of the season or whatever, and got it fixed after Game 7 or whatever. And then I got a staph infection. So I was sick, man. I had like three surgeries. And then a couple weeks later, they checked my knee again and it still was kinda cloudy in there. So I had to wait six weeks and take medicine… and then I had surgery again this Monday. Hopefully it’s the last one.

InsideHoops.com: And which knee is it?

Harrington: My right knee.

InsideHoops.com: So if everything goes as planned and hoped, when will you be ready to play basketball?

Harrington: I’ll be ready for the first game of the season. I don’t think I’ll be ready for training camp. First game of the season is my goal. I think I can make it happen.