The AP reports: The Sixers added one more surprise victory in a season stuffed with them. The win wasn’t the shocker—it was the way Philadelphia completely thrashed the playoff-tested Detroit Pistons in Game 3 that was the stunner. Andre Miller was spot on with his mid-range jumper and scored 21 points, and the rest of the Sixers ran all over the court in a dominating 95-75 victory Friday night to take a 2-1 lead in their first-round series. Samuel Dalembert had 22 points and 16 rebounds, and the Sixers led by as many as 24 points in their first home playoff game since 2005… The Pistons played nothing like a team that won 59 games in the regular season. Perhaps they took the 76ers lightly or maybe one of the most experienced postseason rosters in the league is finally starting to wear down. Richard Hamilton scored 23 points and Tayshaun Prince had 18. Without them, the Pistons might have lost by 30. Antonio McDyess—who left in the third quarter with a broken nose—Rasheed Wallace and Billups combined for 15 points… The Pistons, who led the league with just 11 turnovers per game, committed 25, easily their season high, and the 76ers jumped all over every costly mistake. They scored 29 points off turnovers and scored 40 points in the paint. Philly scored the easy baskets off lobs and layups that mostly eluded them in Games 1 and 2. Stat Notes: The 76ers shot 45.9%, the Pistons just 40.9%. Both teams were awful from three-point range, combining to go 4-of-22. The Sixers got more free throws, and hit a higher percentage of them. Philly got more boards and more assists. The Pistons committed 23 turnovers. The Sixers had 15 steals, the Pistons only 6. Chauncey Billups shot 2-of-11. Rasheed Wallace shot 1-of-6. Rodney Stuckey shot 1-of-7. Jarvis Hayes also shot 1-of-7. The only Sixer to struggle as badly as those Pistons from the field was Iguodala, who went 2-of-9 and had 6 assists but also 6 turnovers.