Father of Kevin Durant quit on family when Kevin was 1

When [Wayne] Pratt was 23 years old, he was already a father of two. He says he wasn’t ready for the responsibilities. Around Durant’s first birthday, Pratt deserted the family, leaving behind his wife, Wanda, and sons Kevin and Tony.

“I felt like I was immature, selfish, I was young. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into,” said Pratt, now 46. “But my sons helped me realize how important it was to be in their lives by always wanting me to be around.”

Wanda Durant (her maiden name) sits courtside at most Oklahoma City Thunder games and is regularly interviewed by major media outlets. Meantime, Pratt is a lesser known figure who said he’s happy with the simple life he lives.

It took Pratt nearly a decade to seek forgiveness from his two sons and worked out a decent relationship with his now ex-wife. He said Wanda was always a positive person and strong enough to raise two sons.

– Reported by Matt Breen of the Washington Post