dirk nowitzki - Dallas Mavericks still look good

The Mavericks will go into next season with a pretty good team. No, not a championship-contending team, but at least a club that will compete for the playoffs and should make the playoffs because Rick Carlisle is a good coach.

Plus, the quick overhaul is not just about now. There are possibilities for the future with a rebuilt backcourt of guards O.J Mayo and Darren Collison. Granted, they are both here because they were out of favor elsewhere, but if there is talent involved, there’s hope for a career jump start.

The new center is Chris Kaman. He can score. He’s OK if he stays healthy.

Kaman may not be long range, but he’s a good pickup for now.

And then veteran Elton Brand is the new front-line swingman, and is a do-it-all welcome for any club, plus has the “great guy” reputation.

Add that to Dirk and Marion, then add the re-signing of Delonte West (a personal favorite) for the backcourt, and I’ve got to admit the quick remake of the roster went far beyond where I thought it would go.

– Reported by Randy Galloway of theĀ Fort Worth Star-Telegram