Lakers media coverage vs Cavs media coverage

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike Brown: “I thought I got better with the media as the year went along. Initially, that was a shock to me, in terms of understanding why and how everything can be such a big deal here. In Cleveland, I experienced it a little bit because LeBron is a guy that drew the media’s attention on a national level, but really the media was only concerned about him, and him only, (and only) sometimes if we won or lost.

The media was not as big a deal for me when I was in Cleveland because they didn’t cover, or they weren’t as interested in the other guys like they are here. From 1 through 15. You could be the 14th player on the team, and if there’s a small thing going on, on the court or off the court, it can turn into a media frenzy. So that was an adjustment that I had to make. Just understanding that, feeling that, accepting it, dealing with it, throughout the course of the year.

In terms of what I can do?

Shoot, I always look back and say I could have or should have tried this offensively. Defensively, yes, there are things that yeah, I could have tried this defensively, but I think at the end of the day all of that is just about coaching. No matter where I am, whether it’s here with the Lakers or Cleveland or anyplace else, that’s how you get better. You second guess yourself, you question the things that you did at times, and think through them again in order to have a better feel as to whether you should continue down a path or change it up.

– Reported by Brian Kamenetzky of ESPN Los Angeles