Lawrence Frank wouldn’t say whose idea it was to bring a ping-pong table to the practice facility, but the Pistons coach admitted he was pleased with the competitive spirit of the 11 players who have participated in unofficial workouts and are expected to make the roster.

“I mean, this is all voluntarily; they don’t have to be here, and we can’t force them,” Frank said. “Eleven of the 15 have been here, and we expect Jonas (Jerebko) and Slava Kravtsov to be here Tuesday.”

Jerebko and Kravtsov have been at the Eurobasket 2013 qualifying tournament, with Jerebko playing very well and Kravtsov showing promise.

With camp just weeks away, Frank has the luxury of having time to work his players, unlike last season when he, like all teams and coaches, had to deal with a lockout and playing just about every other day.

– Reported by Perry A. Farrell of theĀ Detroit Free Press