Chris Bosh no longer trying to bulk up

Bosh tried to bulk up. Gave it is all, truly. But you can’t turn an apple into an orange, you can’t change a thoroughbred into an elephant and you can’t morph Chris Bosh into Alonzo Mourning.

“It’s been like that for three years,” Bosh said on Saturday about the long-term plan to bulk him up and tweak his game. “After about three years I said forget it and just be myself. I’m never going to be big and just bulky like that.

“I’m strong but it’s a wiry strong and it’s two totally different things.”

The muscles are there, but, as Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said on media day, “He’s long; he’s strong.”

And, most importantly, fast.

– Reported by Joseph Goodman of the Miami Herald