Dwyane Wade cited by NBA video as flopping violator

The NBA Friday offered video clarification on the parameters of its impending crackdown on “flopping,” citing Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade among the players who would have been penalized had the new policy been in place last season…

The play in question with Wade did not cite the Heat All-Star guard by name, nor did any of the sequences in the video cite players by name.

Instead, on a play when Wade released a shot and then attempted to draw a shooting foul on Boston Celtics forward Mickael Pietrus during last season’s Eastern Conference finals at AmericanAirlines Arena, the narrator says:

“After releasing the jump shot, the shooter, No. 3 in the white uniform, extends his right leg, attempting to draw a defensive foul call. While there is marginal contact on the play, the flail and spin to the floor by the offensive player is an over-embellishment and it is inconsistent with marginal contact. This is a flop that will be penalized.” …

Among those other than Wade cited in the video for “flopping” are San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker, Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul, Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith, Denver Nuggets forward Danilo Gallinari, Clippers center Ryan Hollins and Brooklyn Nets forward Reggie Evans.

– Reported by Ira Winderman of theĀ South Florida Sun-Sentinel