Randy Foye says Utah Jazz are great organization

Foye, a 6-foot-4 guard who signed with the Jazz as a free agent in late July, had heard plenty of good things about Utah’s franchise before he came here. And although he’s only been a member of the organization for a couple of months now, the six-year NBA veteran certainly likes what he has seen so far.

“Oh, man, first class, first class, everything is run first class from the top to the bottom,” Foye said Friday morning prior to the fourth day of training camp at Zions Bank Basketball Center. “Everyone is held accountable, no matter who you are. Everyone comes in every day and works hard. This organization is first-class, blue-collar, hard-working guys.

“You know, you hear things about organizations around the league and you always hear ‘Utah Jazz, everything is run first class; everything is done this way.’ And you say, well, they said that about another organization, and I went there and it wasn’t. All those stories that were floating around the league are true here — all the good things.”

– Reported by Randy Hollis of the Deseret News