The Rockets headed to McAllen hoping the time on the road would build solidarity for a team almost entirely remade. They returned hoping to have developed cohesiveness on the court as well.

“We built great team camaraderie, great team chemistry on and off the court,” said forward Patrick Patterson, one of just five holdovers from last season. “We built a great base this past week on the offensive end, getting everything set, learning to play with one another on the court, knowing what each other likes as far as jump shots, rolling to the basket and how each other plays. We got a good vibe for one another. This is just a steppingstone in the right direction to be a better team.”

Training camp ended with an open scrimmage. Kevin Martin led in scoring, making seven of 11 shots for 25 points. Gary Forbes made five of six 3-pointers and scored 24.

– Reported by Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle