Adam Morrison

And besides catching the occasional Gonzaga game on television, Morrison didn’t so much as watch basketball, let alone pick one up.

“People think I was all depressed, but I was like, ‘This is awesome,’” he said. “I got to spend time with my family, have Christmas at home, relax. I was able to exhale. It gave me a lot of perspective on things. I think it was good for me.”

He remained content for about a year, until he wandered down to the McCarthey Athletic Center to watch the Gonzaga players work out. One visit become two and two became three. Before Morrison knew it, his competitive juices were flowing, his mind contemplated a return to the court and he got the itch to play again.

So Morrison started his comeback. He hadn’t touched a basketball or worked out for a year and he was in the worst shape of his life. The first month, he said, he was “horrible.” But Morrison slowly worked himself into shape and his love for the game slowly worked itself back into him. His heart was back in it.

– Reported by Joe Freeman of theĀ Oregonian